About My Desert Island Podcast


My Desert Island is hosted by Nina St. Germain and Nicole Ouellette who have collectively lived on MDI for over 30 years.

The podcast will follow a simple format:

First Part: Rant/Catchup
Middle Part: Interview
Final Part: Recommendations

Origin Story

Nina and Nicole met socially years ago but began working together in a business sense earlier this year when Anchorspace, Nicole’s newest venture opened in Nina’s building. Nicole has also worked for Nina on web stuff and even joined the same business networking group.

The two had a natural rapport and, as it turns out, a shared interest in creating a locally based podcast.  Think of it was a way of keeping in touch with MDI when you’re away… or getting to know MDI even better than you ever thought possible.


About Nicole:

Nicole comes to Bar Harbor from northern Maine, so please don’t complain to her about how cold you think it is. She speaks French, knows all about geology, web development, and several other topics. Nicole loves dogs, young adult novels, and advice columns. She lives in the ‘farm country’ portion of MDI with her husband.

Her vibrant entrepreneurial spirit can be seen at:

About Nina:

Nina graduated magna cum laude from University of Maine at the Mill Mall in Ellsworth, out behind Willey’s Gun Shop. 

She is an easily distracted entrepreneur who enjoys being outside, taking pictures, writing bad limericks. Nina encourages Lyme Disease awareness in Bar Harbor where she lives with her husband, three kids, and her naughty dog, Twinkle.

NinaCheck out what else Nina is up to besides learning how to podcast: