(Candid and Explicit) Episode 12: The Photography Episode

mike-perlmanThis week, we talked to Mike Perlman the Jewish Elf Philosopher Photographer Videographer YouTube Sensation.  Mike’s “just do it” philosophy was totally infectious and keeps reminding us to keep up the tempo and look for the funny in everything.  Life is short.

You can find him just doing it (in the clean, funny kind of way, no surprises when you click) online here www.mikeperlman.com  and here 123party.net, you can also perform with him at the Acadia Community Theater‘s upcoming presentation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Because there is a visual component to photography, we asked Mike if he wanted to Periscope this and he said yes. To those of you unaware, Periscope is a live video platform and Periscope users really like the vertical format, which is why we filmed it this way. (It was on purpose!) This is our ‘uncut’ interview where you can see Mike’s elf suit, Nina’s antlers, and, at the very end for a second, Nicole’s purple wig.

Let’s just say it: this is probably going to be the first of many photography episodes. We just snagged Mike first because he cracks us up! We have A LOT of photographers per capita here on MDI because of a few reasons:
1) This is a community of artists.
2) Lots of people get married here.
3) Acadia National Park is beautiful.

Also, Nicole’s low production rap video:

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