Episode 15: The 8th Grade Episode

Quincy Rozeff, and 8th Grader from the Conners Emerson School in Bar Harbor came by on a really, really snowy day to talk about 8th grade and to be the Ambassador to Swag, because, let’s face it, adults need to have a little more good clean fun sometimes.

Want to know what 8th grade is like on MDI? We asked Quincy about pomade, Instagram, and how 8th grade dances work. We talked about MANY topics & trends:

How to Short Hair: Gel, Pomade, Clay- Learn when to use them!Quincy & the Coyotes

How to Dance: If you want to learn how to “dab” go no further click here for instructional video 🙂

How to Instagram: Adults, don’t be so literal

Quincy does a mean Cesar Milan impersonation too.

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