Episode 17: Online Friends Episode

Here are our online friends that we got to meet in the ABF. Tony Palumbo and Jane Holland from the FaceBook community page I love (MDI) Bar Harbor, Maine – ILBHM.

Jane lives here and operates Aysgarth Station B&BIMG_8791 in Bar Harbor and Tony is in advertising in New Jersey, together they have a very jocular part time job of maintaining the super cool ILBHM community page on Facebook. We loved hearing how these two became friends out of a mutual interest online and then met later. If you listen, you’ll hear them having a great time together.

Lot’s of ground got covered during the episode:

Tony learned about what happens when you hit a deer (this is the bonus at the end of the ‘credits’ so wait for it), Nina learned about Moose Safaris in Millinocket, and you get to see the first (ok maybe second) picture of Jane online. Her secret (no so secret) identity has been revealed and we all learned that her cool accent isn’t from the West Side of MDI.


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