Episode 18: The Fun Park Episode

andyallenThis week we talked to Andy ‘The King Of Fun’ Allen from Southwest Harbor about what it’s like to run a fun park. Apparently it is not as ridiculous as you think but does give you access to dough boys (talk about an on the job perk).

Andy came prepared for a good time with Ring Dings (yumm!), Swiss Rolls, and chocolate covered donuts as well as Wild Acadia Fun Park SWAG.

Nina and Nicole also discussed fair food faves and their experience with ropes courses. So if you’ve ever driven by Wild Acadia Fun Park in Trenton and wondered what that was about, listen up.

Note: In preparation to this interview, Andy sent us this link about a crazy fun park in New Jersey, which says a lot about his sense of humor. If you also enjoy being terrified/amused while watching five minute videos: http://mashable.com/2013/08/28/action-park/#vmWEsy9GoSqx

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