Episode 20: The Love Episode, Part 1

Anne & Greg: "a couple of years ago"

Anne & Greg: “a couple of years ago”

How Do You Make Love Last?

This week we took our show on the road. We asked a lot of people about love.

We asked how they fell in love, we asked how do you stay in love, and we asked how MDI was special to their Love story.

We are really grateful to the following people for sharing their stories and time with us!

(And we had so many good stories, we decided to extend the love into the week 2. Stay tuned next week for part 2 with more amazing couples!)

Kim and Tim O’Brien
Kim works at the YMCA and really summed up being married well: it’s a decision you make everyday and it’s work you do everyday that’s well worth it.

Greg & Anne Dalton
Greg works at Bar Harbor Bank and Trust and without Anne around, he totally outed her as having made the first move. Apparently when the right person’s involved, mittens are sexy.

Sherry and Ivan Rasmussen
Sherry and Ivan own Art on West. Single men, take note of Ivan’s pro tip for how you can show you’re single without seeming intentional.

Gary and Glenon Friedmann
Gary and Glenon work together at Bar Harbor Community Farm and met in Alaska. (Also there is a tree house involved.)

2 Responses to “Episode 20: The Love Episode, Part 1

  • Gary & Glenon
    2 years ago

    Thanks Nicole & Nina, That was a fun episode — hearing everyone’s story’s was a great Valentines treat.

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