Episode 25: The Trails Episode

Potatoes beware!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day everyone,

If ever there was an Irishman in the ABF, it’s Tom St.Germain. Don’t let that French name at the end tease you into thinking otherwise. He’s a pro at the Limerick, comes from a family of red heads and has freckles to boot.

Tom’s clever approach to words (not just the limerick) helped him write several of the island’s best selling books. Trail guide, A Walk in the Park, and Trails of History which describes Acadia National Park’s benefactors and formation of trail systems are the founding elements of Bar Harbor Publications.

Can I get a little Kumbayah?

Like anything, it started with snarking

At the meetings, it turned into barking

The battle lines were drawn

I’m right- No- You’re wrong!

Now we’re haters…  because of parking?

If you want to find Tom to talk trails,  Maine Coast Brewing Co, or about steak go see him in person at Jack Russell’s Steakhouse 102 Eden Street here in Bar Harbor.

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