Episode 26: The Coffee Brandy Episode

coffeebrandybilltrotterThis week, we took out our inhibitions and our selfie stick to interview Bill Trotter.

Now most people know Bill as an award winning journalist, photographer, and, dare we say it, mild mannered newspaper reporter.

So what did we do with all that talent before us? We asked him a jillion questions about a niche topic we are all very interested in: coffee brandy.

Bill’s latest story about ACFB (that would be Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy acronym courtesy of Bill):

So listen to this week’s episode and learn about the “Champagne of Maine” (it has many more colorful nicknames). Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy is the number one selling spirit in the State of Maine, but why? How? Where? These are what we discussed. So listen, laugh, and learn a lot more about coffee brandy than you ever thought there was to know.

Here’s where you can follow Bill on the internet:

And, the corporate website of course: http://www.allenscoffeebrandy.com/home (Recipes and more about coffee brandy!)

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