Episode 28: The Small Town Living Episode

tonydemuroOK, we’re just going to say it. Despite both Nina and I being from small towns, neither of us is from any of the small towns on MDI.

Lots of small town life is universal: everyone knowing you (and your business); neighbors supporting neighbors; and running into everyone at the grocery store. But some parts of living in Bar Harbor are unique… so we called in an expert.

Tony Demuro was born, raised, and lives in Bar Harbor. With decades of experience of living here (we’ll leave it at decades without getting overly specific), Tony knows what it’s like having ‘famous’ parents and navigating the seasonal aspects of life on MDI. We asked him a lot of silly questions about small town life and talked about our own experiences too.

If you have ever lived in a small town, or have just considered making a move to one, give this episode a listen for your crash course.

Bonus (short) story at the end of the episode about Tony’s dad Lenny Demuro, who the YMCA pool is named after. It wasn’t part of the interview but we had to put it in!

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