Episode 29: The Nina Episode

ninawatercolorPeople often ask us “Why don’t you and Nina interview each other?”

The next couple episodes will be just that. Nina is first on the docket.

You may know Nina St. Germain from a lot of things. She and her husband have most recently started Bar Harbor 365, a year round lifestyle website about the MDI lifestyle. They also own Jack Russell’s Steakhouse and Brewery and Bar Harbor Publications, whose book ‘A Walk In The Park’ is literally the first, most updated and most complete guidebook about Acadia National Park. They have three kids and a dog.

Nina herself has other interests. She can make you some natural sunscreen, create you a beautiful piece of jewelry, or lead a story slam at our local library. She’s fun, she’s creative, and she’s an awesome cohost and friend.

One thing most people don’t know about Nina (myself, her cohost, included) is that Nina is a Lyme disease advocate. In this interview, I asked her a lot about that (kind of nosy questions actually) and she was very gracious in her answers. If you are interested in knowing more about Lyme Disease, attend the MDI Lyme Symposium, free to attend, Saturday May 7 10 am to 4 PM at Gates Auditorium at COA. More deets on the Facebook event. It’s a comprehensive event with lots of different kinds of experts and approaches to prevention and treatment.

We also talked about what Nina would do if she was mayor of Bar Harbor (though she did want to upgrade herself to dictator pretty fast!). She has good ideas, one the town could implement with zero budget and an investment in several minutes of time.

So if you’ve ever wanted to know more about Nina, listen up!

PS I didn’t know which picture to pick for Nina for this but I will include this picture of her being really excited about a generator because I like it a lot.


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