Episode 32: The Mantra Episode

After a summer hiatus due to seasonal and personal reasons, we are back to your regularly scheduled programming!
sam-shaw-selfieThis week in the blanket fort, we had the pleasure of welcoming Sam Shaw. You may know Sam as the guy who wears the cool hats, or the artist behind Shaw Gallery, as a community developer in Northeast Harbor, and as an experimental creator on Isleford.
Sam got us thinking about mantras. Here are the ‘divorce truths’ Nicole referred to going into the woods to write in June. (Oh by the way, since we recorded, Nicole got a divorce. Hence part of the hiatus.)

Nicole’s Divorce Truths
1) Be happy. Don’t overthink what that means. It might actually be very simple.
2) In seeking #1, don’t hurt anyone. This includes you.
3) Chill out. Sometimes it takes information time to surface or for things to become clear.
4) People will tell you crazy shit… or bring you their crazy shit. Maybe it’s because they think you have nothing else to lose right now. Be surprised at nothing.
5) Your friends and family may react in unexpected ways. They are allowed their feelings, like you are allowed yours.
6) Relationships are a lot more negotiated than you realize. It’s more like a ‘choose your own adventure’ book than the novel you thought you picked up.
7) Going on #6, life is about refiguring shit out you thought you already had figured out. It seems inefficient, exhausting, and stupid but this is apparently what life is about.
8) Shut down unhelpful advice, for you and the person trying to give it.
9) Let someone give you books, poetry, music… anything that will allow you to access and process your feelings.
10) Mid shitstorm, it is ok to be a C student in your own life for awhile. Just do what you can to pass. It’s ok. You’ll get back to your A+ self eventually.
11) Coming to terms with our aloneness and our collectiveness is the paradox of being human. Honoring both honors you.
12) Let go or be dragged.
13) Go by yourself somewhere for 24 hours, especially if you don’t want to.
14) Your dog (and if you’re lucky your mom) are the only sources of unconditional love that don’t come from you. Plan accordingly.
15) Learn to start your own fire, even if everyone wants to do it for you.
16) If one of someone’s best qualities is they ‘have their shit together’, find someone with better qualities. In your mid thirties, successfully ‘adulting’ should not be impressive.
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