Episode 7: The College Episode

Hey Nicole! Let’s go back to college!
Hey Nina, why not? We have one right on MDI!

Nina says, “If I went back to school again, I would totally be a “graphic designer-perfumer-human ecologist.”

Nicole says, “If I went back to college, I would take a few more ‘for fun’ classes and try not to worry so much about being practical.

What fun we had with Darron Collins talking about COA and island life.

Photo Credit: DC

Photo Credit: Darron Collins

This is the awesome new website for College of the Atlantic. Nicole says, “It’s a sexy website!”

The best part about the website for Nina is the tide chart! I will go there over and over for that reason alone! Nicole just keeps finding new layers about it in a general way, very neat.

Follow Darron on social media!

Instagram : @humanecologist

Twitter : @humanecologist


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