Island Story Slam 2

Hey remember how much you liked the Island Story Slam? Well, we’re back.

Coming March 10, 8 PM to the Criterion Theater.

There will be two feeder events, which we’ll be posting here soon.

Also, you can submit your entry online for the judgement of us!

Remember for your online submissions AND at feeder events, your stories have to follow three simple rules:

  1. Go with the theme ‘offseason’. Mention the word offseason, evoke offseason, we aren’t strict, it’s just more fun if there is a similar thread.
  2. No notes. Part of telling your story is the performance aspect.
  3. Under 6 minutes. 

How To Tell Your Story

How To Participate In The Island Story Slam: Off Season

We are taking submissions for Island Story Slam: Off Season happening at the Criterion Saturday March 10 at 8 pm.

Because we want maximum (and diverse) participation, we have a few ways you can submit your story for consideration:

1) Come To A Feeder Event

We’re having two qualifying events

Saturday February 24, 7 PM, at College of the Atlantic (Library)
Tuesday, February 27, 7 PM, at Southwest Harbor Public Library

If you want to host a feeder event, email us: We are totally open to other people having feeder events that aren’t us, we just want to help you promote it (and make sure you have any info you need to hold the event).

2) Come into Anchorspace to get filmed.

We have a coworking space that is open 9-5 Monday through Friday in downtown Bar Harbor. Anchorspace has computers (and knowledgeable helpful people) that can help you record and submit your story. Just email ahead and we’ll make sure someone is there and ready to help when works for you.

3) Record yourself and submit.

You can record yourself and submit it either using a video service like Youtube or Vimeo (to let us know, just email and send us the link – and if you made it private – the password or access info) OR you can use a large file transmission service like

The idea with having people submit or participate ahead is twofold:
1) to ensure this event is accessible to all who want to tell stories.
2) to create a diverse and interesting lineup (with the limited time we have on the main stage).

So a submission is not a guarantee of acceptance, and getting turned down this time around doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. Thanks for considering submitting your story to the Island Story Slam and please share this post with anyone you think would tell a great story and want to take part.

How To Support The Slam

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