Episode 34: Island Story Slampionship Part Two

Clara, Raney, Sam

Judges at Coda in SW hammering out which story was best!

Here is part 2 of the Island Story Slampionship that was held in October at the Criterion Theatre. Listen here to locals telling stories to locals.

We have been talking about what makes a story a good story when you’re up in front of an audience. We think it’s when you let your personality shine. Even if you’re moody, broody, joyful, giddy, nervous, or angry, when you let that true emotion into the story, it’s a winner!

If you are thinking of telling a story on the main stage one day, you should go Story Slam Night at the Jesup for a warm up.

Miss part one? Click here and listen to that then come on back!

Until then, see you at the Hannaford!

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