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There are several options for you to listen to the My Desert Island Podcast:

  1. This website
    If you click on ‘Podcasts’ you’ll see a tiled page of all our episodes. Hover and you’ll see the title. Click on one and you’ll see each episode has it’s own little page and it’s own little audio player.
  2. Our Feed
    If you are one of those tech types who like using feeds, here is the direct feed to the podcast. Do with it what you want!
  3. Stitcher
    Stitcher is a podcasting app (and website) where you can listen to (and subscribe to) podcasts. Download Stitcher and either search for us or go right to our Stitcher page to subscribe:
  4. Itunes
    Just search My Desert Island in your Apple podcast app and then hit subscribe! It’s that easy.
  5. Via email
    Click here and sign up for our email list and you’ll be automatically delivered fresh episodes as they come out.
  6. Look to the right on this page.
    Click one of the subscribe buttons and be guided!