Upcoming Episodes

Who’s coming up? Here’s our list! (If you want to advertise on any or all these episodes, contact us!) 

We’re not a super old podcast and we’re still figuring out who we are. Some of our episodes are subject matter expert (ex: The Coffee Brandy episode). Some are event coverage (see upcoming BHBS Super Sale). Some are a multi-person theme (ex: Our Love Episode two parter). And some are just Nicole and Nina chatting (we haven’t really done it yet but we’ll give it a shot since people are asking for it!)

Below is a mixture of different kinds of episodes we have coming up:

April 2: The ‘Ask Nina’ Episode (submit your questions about anything Nina related. Fun suggestions to jog your brain: anything about running a restaurant, self publishing, natural cosmetics, parenting, Maine fashion, and jewelry)

April 9: The ‘Ask Nicole’ Episode (submit your questions about anything Nicole related. Fun suggestions to jog your brain: ‘what should I do’ social situations, social media, saving money, and cooking with limited ingredients)

April 16: The ‘Can’t We All Just Get Along’ Episode. We’re going to talk to well loved community members about how to get involved without hate, drama, and tarnishing your name. We have a few people in mind so far but if you have some more, email us.

April 23: The Hannaford Episode. We’ll be strategizing with Tony Demuro, year round local and seasoned Hannaford expert about how to get in and out with the groceries you need. Perfect primer as we head into the busy season!

April 30: The BHBS Super Sale. (Note: the actual sale is the Saturday previous, this will be about what happened there!) We cover the sale that is above all sales. We’ll attempt to talk to Katia Brophy, fearless Bar Harbor Barter and Swap Facebook group admin, and sell our wares in an effort to raise money for some new recording equipment. Think of this as one of those live remote broadcasts with only the good stuff in it.

May 1: The Sausage Episode. Heather Webster makes sausage every year and promises us she can tell us all about it. Sounds meat-tastic to us.

May 7: The Mother’s Day Episode. This Nicole and Nina extravaganza we’ll discuss motherhood and share some of the best advice from mothers we’ve ever heard (we bet you’ll know some of them)!

May 14: Tourist Talk: Bass Harbor Light. Nicole and Nina go to Bass Harbor light and talk to people they meet there. Stay tuned for future episodes at other tourist hot spots this summer!

May 21: The Island Connections Golf Tournament. Nicole and Nina head to Kebo to talk golf with people participating in the fundraising golf tournament. (Note this episode comes out AFTER the tournament- same idea as the BHBS Super Sale Episode, think of this as a live remote radio broadcast with only the best bits in it.)

May 28: The Getting Ready For The Season Episode. We talk to seasonal business owners about what they do (and don’t do) to prepare for tourists.